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Thread: Dellinger MJR

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    Dellinger MJR

    Does anyone else love the MJR as much as do I? What a great piece of craftsmanship!

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    Me o/

    Simple looking guitar, but elegant and killer!! Awesome piece of craftsmanship!
    BTW Does anyone noticed a significant difference between the pro White and M3(in terms of tone/timber)?

    My Pro White

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    The MJR is a beast of a guitar, no questions asked!

    Caparison MJR Signature.
    Caparison Horus (Iris Violet Gold 2008 reissue w/ toggle switch, Dimarzio Tone Zone S/ X2N)
    Caparison Dellinger-II MC Aluminium (Chrome EMG 81/81 pickup pairing)
    Caparison Dellinger-7 FR Matte Black (DiMarzio D-Activators Set)
    Caparison TAT-I Frozen Sky made for Matt Wicklund.
    Caparison TAT-II Red Sunset '96
    Caparison Orbit 27-FR Pro White

    -More coming soon-

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    MJR was my first Caparison and started the whole love affair for me. I remember it was seeing Mike himself playing one live that introduced me to the brand, and within weeks I had this guitar. My favorite part about it is the neck profile, it just feels absolutely perfect to me.

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    I loved the one I had. I regret selling it. Im not a big fan of the gloss finish one though, I love matte finishes.

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