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Thread: NGD: 05 Angelus in Black Cherry, former artist owned model

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    NGD: 05 Angelus in Black Cherry, former artist owned model

    Well I finally got myself an Angelus and am absolutely floored by it. This was one of Jona Weinhofens ones, more specifically the one that got destroyed on tour (link here I bought it from a guy who had it meticulously rebuilt and I have never seen such quality work before. The repair receipt was in the case when I got it and the repair cost as much as I paid for the guitar. It sounds an absolute treat and has automatically become the number one guitar on the roster. I'm now about to sell off a whole bunch of other guitars to fund another one or two Caparisons. The only thing I will change on this is replacing the 81/85 set with a 57/66 set as I prefer them these days and installing 3 volume controls (one for each pickup with a master volume).

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    Hey dude!!!! Glad you got it!!! Was hoping to hear from you! Glad you love it!!
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