WTB: I'm looking to buy a guitar(s). My cap is $4500. Things of particular interest include the following:
white ESP Iron Cross
ESP KH-2 Ouija (either the 1990's version or the 2009 reissue)
EVH USA Wolfgang Stealth
Jackson Broderick transparent black
PRS Custom 24 Floyd 10 top
Blackmachine B6 w/Schaller Hannes Bridge
Caparison TAT II, Angelus TR
or you can try me.

The ESPs must include a COA.

I'm not interested in the following: cheap versions of the above (Pro, LTD, Special), Ibanez, Agile, Carvin, Schecter, Fender, EBMM Petrucci, unusual body types (flying V, explorer, etc), 8 string, baritone, or amps.
Located in Rutland, VT USA.