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Thread: Hello from North America

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    Hello from North America

    Hello, my name is Argyris. I'm a guitarist in an ultra heavy black metal band out of Southern California. I just purchased a Caparison Angelus M3B 7 string guitar through Destroy All Guitars (Caparison's #1 N.America dealership) and am waiting in agony for it to reach my house in roughly 3 weeks. Ive wanted a Caparison since I was 15 years old and first discovered Soilwork. I heard the amazing guitar sound from the albums Natural Born Chaos and Figure Number Five and became obsessed. Up until recently I was using a custom signature model from an American boutique builder and its phenomenal, but Caparison kept calling my name in my sleep so this union simply had to happen and now I'm so excited to not only be a Caparison player and advocate but also a member of this highly respected forum. Cheers guys.

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    Welcome to the club
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  3. Hello and welcome to the Caparison forum!

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    Welcome to the forum man
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    Welcome! Remember to post lots of pictures of the Angelus!!!!
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    Welcome dude. Been seeing your pics on facebook. Love the angelus.

    Boy its been a while since ive been on here !

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