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Thread: What Dimarzio would you put in the bridge of a Dellinger?

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    What Dimarzio would you put in the bridge of a Dellinger?

    Hello all!

    So... after some research I have narrowed it down to a bunch of options to replace the Painkiller in my Dellinger.

    I am a fan of JBs. I like the solid riffing you get with them. I was thinking of getting an Aldrich but since I am getting an Air Norton S for the neck and a True Velvet or one of the Area pickups for the center position I think its best to pair them with another Dimarzio.

    The Painkiller I have in there is nice but perhaps a little hollow sounding for me. I have used the JB all my life and want the same chunky rhythm you get from it. The Painkiller being more defined (IMO) sounds more clear but also has this rather percussive touch I dont like for most of the stuff I do. It shines when playing chords and arpeggios but I dont like it for rhythms as much as the JB in my Les Paul.

    My options, from videos and the DImarzio website info I have gathered are:

    1. Dominion bridge
    2. Tone Zone bridge
    3. Super Distortion bridge

    I have discarded the D-activator bridge and the Super 3 cause I heard they would sound similar to what I have now.

    I have also been told that a Gravity Storm or a Titan could be good options if I decided to go closer to a EMG 81 tone, which I have in an alder ESP and love. But I wonder if they would get the same crushing riffing in Mahogany. On Dimarzios web they say the Gravity Storm would be great for a fat tone. Would this mean fat as in wider sound, mellow or lose bass or would this give me a nice mid gainy chunk? Is the Titan anything like it? I heard the demos and washt as impressed but it could be the type of music played.

    This one and the Dominion also have good harmonics according to the pickup picker.

    So number four would be a shared position of these two I guess

    4. Gravity Storm or Titan

    Thanks for your input!
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    As the guy who also runs the forum for DiMarzio, I'd probably recommend the Transition which is like a more refined Tone Zone. The Gravity Storm is also a great pickup and would have more of that mid gainy chunk and not so much the fat wider sound which is where the Tone Zone would be. The Transition is like The Tone Zone but the bottom end is just tightened up. Hope that helps.
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