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Thread: best hum/sing pickups for caparison horus?

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    best hum/sing pickups for caparison horus?

    my caparison horus has only a 3 way switch .. what are the best humbucker bridge and mini humbucker neck that can go from nice clean to heavy gain(evergrey, dream theater, periphery, lamb of god) any recommendations?

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    EMG 85/SA, you're welcome

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    There's no best, it's all subjective. And depends on your budget...
    If you go on the cheap, I'd suggest a Tone Zone (B) and Air Norton S (N). Quite versatile set for both clean and dist.
    Usually you have to sacrifice either your clean or your heavy tone. I feel Air Norton goes clean pretty nicely and Tone Zone is fatter than most bridge humbuckers. Both pups are meant for heavy stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schantist View Post
    EMG 85/SA, you're welcome
    100% agree !!!! No matter what style of metal you play. If you dont want active try the Seymour Duncan combination of the Nazgul (bridge) and the Sentient (neck)
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    On my Horuses I use Holydiver for bridge to fatten tone and DiMarzio Fast Track II for neck position. Sounds pretty good to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xykhron View Post
    On my Horuses I use Holydiver for bridge to fatten tone and DiMarzio Fast Track II for neck position. Sounds pretty good to me
    are you using ceramic or alnico holy diver?

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    I have a yjm fury on my cl13 with a coil split and its amazing!!!

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    I wonder about this as well. The stock pickups in my Horus M3 sound pretty good.....but I am a Dimarzio endorser, so I am thinking of putting some Dimarzio pickups in mine. More than likely the HS-4 stacked single coil in the neck position, and maybe the PAF Pro in the bridge?

    I don't play a bunch of downtuned metal, and actually need a guitar to be versatile - my gigs can go from blues to jazz to reggae to top 40 to 90s alternative.....

    I am going to leave it stock for a couple of months at first before I make any changes.

    But I LOVE the guitar.......getting into Caparison has been a great new change in my playing...

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    OK I'm probably going to sound a bit biased since I also run the forum for DiMarzio (I founded that place before I founded this place!), but the DiMarzio Illuminator, Titan or Transition is what I'd go for in the bridge depending on what direction you want to go (there's also the D-Activator for that EMG vibe if you don't want to deal with batteries). For neck, I've had great experiences with the Chopper, Fast Track 2 and the Cruiser(bridge model). I've heard of the Satch Track working really well in a Horus as well, but once again it depends on the direction you want to go.
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    yeah - I am gonna go with some Dimarzios since they have been good to me for years, and I need to be good to them too. I really like the stock humbucker in my Horus, but for the neck pickup I need some more high end - a bit more single coil "spank" or "air".....but still noiseless.....

    The Horus M3 EF is still blowing me away every time I pick it up, all I need now is a nice TAT sitting next to it

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