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Thread: NGD: Caparison CA mod

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    NGD: Caparison CA mod

    Hello there,
    I got a Caparison CA in black from Japan last december but sadly, the guitar arrived pretty bad damaged at my home: she moved inside the case and the pots damaged the finish and got thru the control cavity - no damage to the headstock and neck luckily.
    You can see (part) of the damage here:



    and just to add a bit more of drama to the story, after a couple of minutes of playing, the volume pot fell inside the volume cavity... you can imagine how happy I was with this.
    The guitar was pretty good however: the neck was very good, I liked the guitar tone a lot and I got refunded by the japanese posts (excellent service as always) a couple of months later, around the end of March... but what to do with this broken piece of shit?
    Selling it - nope, I could get only one third or less of what I payed in the first place, plus I like the neck a lot... so what about adding a cool THICK maple top to it?
    Well, this is the result:


    The guitar feels like the old CA model but a bit brighter, and I love it ; I had to remove the Amott signature from the headstock and AE inlay from the fretboard.
    The guy who did the job is a talented luthier from Italy, you can check his work here:

    The whole body is a bit thicker than the original CA, so he had to recess the floyd a bit, I think something around 2mm, the back of the body is what remains of the original CA body.
    Enjoy it !

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    Wow, that's fantastic. A bad situation turned into a very unique Caparison.

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    Oh wow that is beautiful! Very nice. Well recitified
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    Very good job. Looks great!
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    Wow! Fantastic work mate!

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    Man, I'm completely jealous. That is one bad ass guitar you have there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CircuitalPlacidity View Post
    Man, I'm completely jealous. That is one bad ass guitar you have there.
    Jh, now i understood. Thank you

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