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Thread: Floyd nut width vs Caparison neck width at nut

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    Floyd nut width vs Caparison neck width at nut

    Hi guys,

    My C2 HRG QD finally arrived and I can't find words to describe its beauty. Plays surprisingly well out of the box too, but there's still plenty of work still to be done on the proper set-up.

    The only thing that concerns me, is the difference between floyd nut width and the neck width in the same position. The floyd nut is recessed, thinner by about half a millimetre on each side; together it gives significant difference.

    It doesn't have any impact on sound, playability, whatsoever - but I don't remember seeing this on any caparison guitar. My old, battered Dellinger doesn't have it as well (you can feel the difference in the surface between neck, and the nut, but it is nowhere as big / deep as here, with C2 HRG QD)

    Let me know if your Floyd-equipped Caparisons are built the same way. Although it doesn't affect anything, I quite don't like it, I think there should be even surface at the nut.

    I'll measure it later, for now please have a look at attached photo - hope it shows what it should.

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    For what it's worth neither of my Horus models have that. They're both flush with the edge of the neck.
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    For the record:

    I've returned the above mentioned HRG-QD. The nut was the least problematic thingy. The main reason, and the reason I was unable to set it up properly, was the slight neck hump in the pocket area (a ski jump, so to say), which is one of the problems with neck geometry that can be fixed only during refretting - by polishing the fretboard (if it is not severe hump, of course).

    I miss it It was one of the most beautiful guitars I had, and the neck profile / overall neck feeling was a dream. So, my Dellinger 2006 is still without a companion

    Shame on you FujiGen, or whoever is doing the final inspection of C2 Caparisons. I will never buy again a C2 without touching it and checking every detail in person...

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    Wow-I would be pissed!! Even if there was no neck issue that nut is inexcusable at Caparison's price point, I would've sent it back for that alone!
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