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Thread: Caparison guitars - Melbourne Guitar Show

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    Caparison guitars - Melbourne Guitar Show

    Greetings Guys,
    For those of you who may not have heard yet this weekend Caparison guitars will be on display for the first time at the Melbourne Guitar Show. We will be located at booth 25. Full details below. Hope to see you all their.

    Caparison Custom Dellinger 7 M3 Black Rose with EMG 707 pick ups
    Caparison Custom Horus Snow Storm M3 with EMG 85 & SA pick ups
    Caparison Horus Grey Oiled Walnut Maple neck with EMG 85 & SA pick ups
    Caparison Black Knight ebony neck with EMG 85 & SA pick ups
    Line 6 POD X3 Live

    Caparison Guitars
    Hughes & Kettner
    Elixir Strings

    Eyefear guitarist/ composer Dark Epic Symphonic Power Metal

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    Can't wait!
    Guitarist at Enter Twilight

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    This was awesome to see; a little small but I don't think any booth would be enough to hold in the awesomes. \m/


    Caparison MJR Signature.
    Caparison Horus (Iris Violet Gold 2008 reissue w/ toggle switch, Dimarzio Tone Zone S/ X2N)
    Caparison Dellinger-II MC Aluminium (Chrome EMG 81/81 pickup pairing)
    Caparison Dellinger-7 FR Matte Black (DiMarzio D-Activators Set)
    Caparison TAT-I Frozen Sky made for Matt Wicklund.
    Caparison TAT-II Red Sunset '96
    Caparison Orbit 27-FR Pro White

    -More coming soon-

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