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Thread: My Custom Tat Special 7 with an Aztec Theme. A Caparison like you have never seen!

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    My Custom Tat Special 7 with an Aztec Theme. A Caparison like you have never seen!

    Hi everyone,
    After long weeks and anticipation, I am so proud to share my Caparison photos. I hired an incredibly talented airbrush artist Jay Skorupski of XSPAINT. I had seen a guitar with a similar theme done by Craig Fraser on a Jackson Soloist. I wanted to give Jay the liberty of letting him do what he does best and that is create art. There were a few key things I wanted to ensure where part of the guitar. Jay and I researched the Aztecs way of life, weapons and symbolism. I wanted to incorporate the anniversary of this Caparison Tat Special 7 which is 8-20. Next I thought the skull rack would be a nice touch for the back of the guitar since the Aztecs would skin their enemies, and place their skulls the infamous skull rack. Jay beautifully tied the skull rack with a unique vanishing point and perspective at the bottom of the temple/pyramid stairs. Next, I researched some symbols and wanted to incorporate my birthday, my fiancs and also our first initial. The back of the neck Jay decided to illustrate the atlatl which was a weapon far beyond its years. Similar to a spear with a unique gripping system. The skull had to look like an ancient Aztec warrior toting its feathered hat as is tears from the sands of the dead and rises to the top of the guitar. Note the detailed work around the skull forming a circle similar to the Aztecs sun calendar.

    This guitar is transformed and I cannot be anymore thrilled about this custom piece. What a wonder thanks the hard work from Jay!

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    That's pretty bad ass.... I wouldn't rock it myself, but I can totally appreciate it.

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    Interesting and unique. Good paint job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xykhron View Post
    Interesting and unique. Good paint job!

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