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Thread: Cant get Natural Harmonics TAT SPECIAL CL 14

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    Cant get Natural Harmonics TAT SPECIAL CL 14

    Recently bought a used TAT SPECIAL CL 14, cant get the typical natural harmonics loud and clear, or even with some regularity on the g string, 3rd-4rd fret area... specifically trying to play this solo(2:25) , or any kind of dive bomb type effect...of course i have the usual 5 , 12, 24 frets harmonics...but like i said, cant get to sound it right in the lower frets... that high pitched, screaming harmonics, a la dimebag darrel or matias eklundh are virtually imposible...

    Its not my technique, because i can play it in my old ibanez rg570....i have turned the treble and gain way up in the amp to see any improvement, but with little no to results...and its such a bummer, because, besides that issue, its really an awesome instrument, both in terms of playbility and tone...
    Is there any adjustment i can do to achieve this? Like raising the action of the strings?? Not that is super low right now, but i think i could raise it a bit further if it helps...Hope you can help me.

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    Adjust your technique

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