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Thread: New caparison owner!

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    New caparison owner!

    Hi all, just thought I’d take a look around here after being blown away by my recent acquisition! I took a 2006 dellinger in part ex against my jem 7vwh last week and I am honestly still in complete shock! I had a vague idea about caparison but never realised how high quality they are! I’ve owned numerous guitars throughout my life including prs customs ball family reserve Luke’s and evh music man which I still own(can’t part with it or my memory of the flying Eddie ebmm ad might perish!) also a couple of les Paul’s and a suhr pro mod and I can honestly say hand on heart that this guitar is an equal(and a better to some) to all, really really impressed with it, it’s picked up a couple of upgrades in its life including 3 DiMarzios and a big brass block sounds awesome and does pretty much anything! Was just seeing if anybody here had some idea as to it’s value? Will try and get a pic up as soon as I can figure out how!

  2. Congratulations! And welcome.

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    Welcome to the club! Post some pics later or join the facebook page A Dellinger was my first ever Caparison. I currently own a TAT I and a Dellinger I FX-AM.
    Current Gear:

    Caparison Angelus HGS Trans Blue-Mat
    Custom Alexi Laiho
    Schecter Loomis FR-7

    Line 6 POD HD 500
    M-Audio Bx5a Power Monitors
    FL Studio 11


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