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Thread: FS: Caparison Apple Horn Aurora [EU]

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    FS: Caparison Apple Horn Aurora [EU]


    For sale an earlier production Mattias IA Eklundh signature Caparison from 2000/2001. There were only about 20 ever made of this before the model was discontinued in 2000. From the serial number it looks like this might have been the first ever Caparison to be produced in 2001 and as another detail the last two fret markers on the 24th and 27th frets are on the side of the fretboard as on regular Horus models at the time instead of being in the middle like on most the Apple Horn models.

    The condition is great for a 15+ year old guitar but of course there are some slight scratches on the finish and signs of wear. The end of the headstock is missing a 1,5cm piece of the binding and has a ding but other than that there are no dings, dents or bits missing. The frets are in excellent condition and have been regularly polished so none of the wear has an effect on the playability.

    Guitar has a mahogany body, maple neck and an ebony fretboard with 27 jumbo frets. Has a 24,75" scale like the Horus models with a slightly rounder neck profile than the more recent production Horus models at least. Bridge humbucker is a Seymour Duncan TB-4 (trembucker version of the JB) and neck single-coil is a Bare Knuckle Pickups Trilogy Suite. Original push-push volume pot/pickup selector control configuration. Included in the sale is the original Caparison hardshell case, Floyd arm, trem cavity plate, original manual etc. The original block for the Schaller Floyd has been upgraded to a big brass block and a previous owner has installed a pickup ring for the bridge pickup (originally direct mounted).

    Gallery of photos can be found here:
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