hey guys!

Im new here and this is my first post. been playing guitars for 10 years and i had loads of different guitars and high end guitars during that time including some ebmm jpx and steve morse, gibsons les paul, high end fenders, esp horizon blackat etc. with time i had to sell my guitars and got only a fender kotzen. recently i decided to sell it as i wasnt ok with its neck and gold hardware and with extra money im looking for a new one.

so i was basically looking for a new high end guitar and remembered about caparison and how good they look so i looked and i can get a very good deal on a dellinger prominence one new. (btw i am really looking for a new one instead of second hand). had a chance to buy a suhr modern satin new as well but i cant stand their color and shape.
whats your opinion in the dellinger prominence? has anyone have it? what can you say about it?

and whats your general opinion about caparison? why caparison?

thanks very much for your input!