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Thread: FS: Caparison Dellinger MC Aluminum

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    FS: Caparison Dellinger MC Aluminum

    Here is a used Caparison Dellinger MC Aluminum from 2008/2009 (Kyowa Shokai era!). I purchased this from Nick at the Axe Palace. This guitar has always been a bedroom queen and has never been played live.

    The Dellinger MC Aluminum had an issue bonding the paint/material to the body which caused the paint to start peeling. As such, this guitar was sent back to Caparison to refinish the guitar as well as apply a coat of clear to prevent it from any future peeling. Included in the case is a letter from Itaru Kanno stating the work that was done. Also included in the case are all of the original items that came with the guitar as well as an extra set of strings.


    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: Bolt-on Maple, 25 1/2" (648mm) Scale
    Fretboard: Ebony with White Binding, 24 Frets, Clock Inlays

    Bridge: Schaller S-FRT II
    Tuners: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P.

    Tuning: E Standard
    Strings: 9-42
    Pickups: DiMarzio Liquifire (Bridge), DiMarzio Fast Track(Middle), DiMarzio Air Norton S (Neck)
    Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-way switch

    Location: Dallas, TX (USA)

    Price: $2,500 or best offer
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    Caparison Dellinger MC Aluminum(w/ Dimarzio Air Norton S in neck)
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