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Thread: How to practise guitar without a guitar

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    erikm5150 Guest
    cool! great tip!

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    Man, my fingers were weaker than I thought... d; Thx for the tip, now I have something to do at the bus stop (;
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    I wish Id seen this earlier its a really effective excercise, ive been doing it for the last 30 mins and my fingers are killing, But its the "Progress" pain so its a good pain , Thanks Budd!

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    No problem man. It's probably my only true contribution as a guitar player and not a guitar tech. I wish I could claim that I came up with it though.
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    Thanks for the tip. Haha, dang I'm having trouble with my little finger.

    When I'm not using a gripmaster, I'm using a powerball, which is fantastic for warming up and strengthening both wrists and fingers. I always use it for 5 minutes before a practice session.

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    Odysseus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dna-stain View Post
    Which guitar is that in the background?
    "I just decided to take a quick break from doing some fret work on my new PRS and post this little exercise"

    yup. PRS.

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    Yeah that *was* my PRS Custom 24 that I ended up selling to fund my Caparison dealership. Nice guitar, especially after I installed the arming adjuster and piezo system in it, but I'd still rather get an Angelus 22.

    (oddly enough the guy who I sold it to ended up selling it again to buy a Caparison Horus off me).
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    vermillionblood89 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by buddroyce View Post
    No problem. I hope you found it useful.

    hell yeah ! of course its useful.. thanks man....

    yeah a friend once advised me to practise that... that way i found out... my RING finger sucks.. (grrr i cant stretch out the index n ring ... but its much easier with the middle and pinky....

    for me without a guitar... i just tap on the table/book with the left hand kinda 4-3-2-1....

    like hit then pinky, then the ring, the the favorite finger, then the index...
    and repeat..


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    I you're just tapping your fingers you're not really working out your fingers other than tapping them. All you're doing is getting your fingers used to the co-ordination. If you want to exercise your fingers with just tapping on a book or a table try doing flutters with your index finger and one other finger. In other words, just hold down your index finger and continually tap your middle, then do the same thing with your ring finger and finally your pinky. You can also vary it by holding down your middle finger and fluttering your ring or pinky on a book or table.
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    Xtremevillan Guest
    I think everyone can't do index + ring. It's pretty impossible on my left hand, and on my right hand it's doable but effortful.

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