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Thread: Bareknuckle nailbomb and painkiller

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    Cool Bareknuckle nailbomb and painkiller

    Bareknuckle pickup suggestion guys!

    This thread has probably been posted 1000 times, have a horus just purchased an air norton s for the neck and wondering any recommendations between the nailbomb and the painkiller perhaps any direct comparasin sound clips? i hear the painkiller is tigther with a more bass and mid response than the nailbomb which is kinda airy and organic, i like the sound of that but i do like a nice tight bass. Also what spacing do i need for a horus? and what leg length for direct mounting still.

    play a lot of rock/ heavy rock metal nothing that will tear your face off like sudz music. I just cant decide between the two.

    Any help much appretiated. standard horus with rosewood fretboard
    Engl SE E670 (6L6 tubes) and straight 4x12 Vintage 30's
    facebook -> kieran kojima

    Suhr modern custom
    Blackmachine b6
    Caparison Horus Thunder Cloud
    Diezel VH4
    Axe fx standard
    ENGL v30 4x12 straignt
    Ibanez ts808 original 80's
    dimarzio cables
    dimarzio/ bareknuckle pickups.

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    I have the nailbomb, but i took it off my cap because i'm stuck with the way the warpig sounded(i had it before the nailbomb, but now im all about actives).

    That said its not a bad pickup.In fact it is bloody amazing.Must be one of the most balanced out there.Not to mention the clarity.I do believe it's just the one you need.I mean with it i could do the most amazing rock/hard rock/heavy tones.And its clarity helped a lot with the cleans too.

    But as i play sweedish/death-ish stuff im stuck with the bass response of an 85.

    I've also heard some clips of the painkiller.Good pickup, but not my kinda sound.All clips were concentrated either in a sound with too much highs, or doomy stuff.Dunno why.

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