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Thread: Register your Caparison Guitars!

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    That should be correct.

    Interestingly, my HGS MF07 has the serial number 1130204, which dates it back to 2008 (:o). The certificate that came with the guitar said 11/07. Dunno if this has anything to do with it though, my Japanese isn't that good...
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    What would I put as dealer etc if I bought my Caparison through someone else?

  3. If you bought it used, it doesn't matter. Just put "friend" or "eBay", or whatever in the dealer field.

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    Hey there,
    I am glad to visit on this website...Just registered my newest Horus a few hours ago. I didn't have the manufacturing details, but my serial number is 190275. Anyone has any idea when this was manufactured? I'm assuming it's 2004 cos my 2001 Horus had the serial 160075. Am I correct in this aspect? Thanks for sharing all that great information..For more information you can visit on this website;

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    I tried to register my horus M3 today, but the captcha is not working correctly....frustrating!

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    This registration page is now here:

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    Registered my Prominence as soon as I had a chance to.
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